New Team at Subtopia Events!

Our new team guides Subtopia's events department in i post-pandemic era era. But Kristina Hagos and Jenni Aho are not really that new at Subtopia.

We welcome our new team, a new dream team which will guide Subtopia’s event department into the post-pandemic. But Kristina Hagos and Jenni Aho are not really that new at Subtopia. Kristina has worked as an event project manager here for the past five years and is now taking over Kerstin Fagervall’s role as head of Subtopia’s event department.

– Most fun and challenging will be to take Subtopia’s event department into the post-pandemic era, which hopefully is now in 2022. We won’t go back to how we worked before but we’ll find new ways. What needs will the industry have, and how do we fill them?

Jenni Aho grew up a stone’s throw from Subtopia. Before becoming a part of the new team she had many of her leisure activities at Subtopia as a youth, and later worked with us as a stage technician. After studying stage management at Stockholm University of the Arts, she worked at Dramaten, Stadsteatern and most recently at Riksteatern.

– I am really looking forward to working as a technical coordinator for several different industries at Subtopia. From TV to performing arts and events. Just event is technically a holistic experience, which makes my work extra fun and varied. It can be anything from invitation cards to toilet installations where my knowledge is needed. The event industry is also at the forefront of innovative and new technology.

New Team Has a Passion Equality and Diversity Issues

By industry standards it is a comparatively young power duo that has taken over as Subtopia’s new team for events. Jenni believes that the combination of being young and a woman can be an extra driving force.

– For me, it’s an incentive to show that I am really good at what I work with. Maybe from the position I have at Subtopia I can also help change minds in the stage management industry.

Subtopia is a production site for culture and experiences of many different kinds. In addition to working with major events such as TV broadcasts and corporate events, Subtopia has a social commitment and a mission to support culture creators. This is something both Jenni and Kristina appreciate.

– One important reason why I want to work at Subtopia is the commitment to equality and diversity issues. There are many ways to do this, for example through what we call “hjärteevent” [heart events] where even small associations get an opportunity to produce their events with us. I love the culture sector and if I can do something small to help it flourish, I want to do it, says Kristina.

And Jenni adds:

– Yes, the diversity perspective is fantastic. And I like that Subtopia is open to the locals.

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Kristina Hagos
Kristina Hagos
Head of Events & studios