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Collaborations with D.I.T.

D.I.T. creates cultural projects in collaboration with schools, clubs, educational associations, municipalities, housing associations, business associations, individuals – everyone who has an ideas concerning culture and youth that they want to implement.

D.I.T. is founded on three words

  • Untamed, because thoughts and ideas should be free.
  • Being Brave enough to stand up for yourself.
  • And having the Empathy to recognise that we are all one.

Working with culture as its tool, D.I.T. creates new relationships and networks between young people, between adults and young people, and between amateurs and professionals. The results are live shows, multi-events, concerts, street art, and above all the pride and self-esteem inspired in the young people whose work went into creating all this.

If you are interested in becoming a partner contact us!

Cesar Fulgencio