Get organizer support at Subtopia

Subtopia wants to act as facilitator for organizers with limited resources to carry out their events.

Together we make a difference

Subtopia wants to make a difference and also help others make a difference. If you
are planning an event that has advantage to society you can apply for organizer
support from us.

All of Subtopias operation is permeated with the will to be facilitators. By giving
support to organizers, we can create conditions for others to contribute with more
culture and more public welfare. Every year we choose to co-produce different types
of events, everything from workshops, seminars and concerts to bigger fundraising
events. This concept is called heart-events. Subtopia wants to act as facilitator for
organizers with limited resources.

How do I get organizer support?

To get organizer support certain criteria must be met. We also do a separate
evaluation of every project application. The event must have advantage to society,
provide something for the residents of Botkyrka and/or have a connection to
Botkyrka. The organizer must have need of our support, but also have a project
organization that we evaluate can carry out the event. We can also give support for
your event if you as an organizer are in the start-up phase and not yet established in
your business.

What can I get help with?

You can get support in the form of subsidized rent for space, staff or other available
resources, as well as advice on how to arrange an event.

Who can apply for organizer support?

Everyone who has a project idea can apply for support from us. Societies,
organizations, projects or events. The important thing is that your idea is in line with
our policy and our values.

Spaces covered by organizer support

The four spaces available to those who get organizer support from Subtopia are:

  • Hangaren Our largest space. 23 142 sq. ft. with room for up to 2500 people.
  • Loftet Cozy space with foyer. 3229 sq. ft. and room for up to 300 people.
  • Himmelriket Smaller space suitable for workshops. 484 sq. ft. for up to 30 people.
  • Paradiset The smallest space. 377 sq. ft. for up to 15 people.

How do I apply for support?

Fill out the form to apply. If you have any questions, email