Subtopia’s Concept

Over the years, Subtopia has developed a concept for how we work to create a creative place for art production, experiences, innovation and social engagement where everyone feels welcome.

Subtopia’s Concept – This Is How We Work

  • Cooperation between the four areas of art, business, education and social engagement.
  • Create a cluster of companies and organizations that work with arts and creative industries.
  • Work with the entire chain from beginners to the very best.

Four areas

By letting the four areas of art, business, education and social engagement work together, Subtopia can create a foundation for creativity, solutions and new collaborations. These four areas dictate how we organize Subtopia’s operations, and also which companies and organizations form part of our creative cluster. We also look to include the cooperation between these four areas when designing new projects, initiating new collaborations and choosing how to prioritize our daily work.

Subtopia lets the four areas of art, education, business and social engagement work together.

Subtopias cluster

On Subtopia’s premises in Alby there are companies and organizations that work within the artistic and creative industries, together they form a so-called creative cluster. Like Subtopia, the companies and organizations work with two or more of the four areas of art, business, education and social engagement. Among them are: a media house that works to give young people a platform to create their stories, a circus company that works with artistic development as well as corporate events and education, a garden architect who works with community cultivation in residential areas. Read more about the companies and organizations in Subtopia’s clusters.

Among the members of Klump, Subtopia’s incubator for art, creative industries, and social entrepreneurship, it is much the same. Here, you can find a musician developing a method of music therapy for children and a circus artist creating the first network platform for clowns in Sweden. Read more about Klump.

From Beginners to The Very Best

Subtopia works with the entire register from beginners to the very best in various creative industries. Those who are just beginning to take an interest in a certain artistic expression get a chance to see what it means to have it as their profession. This simultaneously creates curiosity, understanding, and an interested audience for those who are professionals.

Examples of Subtopia’s Concept in Practice

Our approach also means that we actively work to create social value, especially for our neighboring area. An example of this is when we ensure that a production company which is renting our multi-arena Hangaren invites local school classes to its dress rehearsal.

Subtopia’s strategic work in the circus sector is another example of how the four areas work together to develop the circus industry in Sweden. Here, the same circus company can get a residency for artistic work, participate in an international continuing education project, sell their show at Subcase circus fair and be a part of Subtopia’s programming of free performances for our local area. Read more about Subtopia’s work with the circus.

An example of the advantage of having a cluster, is when a customer sets up a corporate event at Subtopia and gets direct contact with artists for the event and a studio to make the decor. Much in the same way, Subtopia’s youth program, D.I.T., can easily collaborate with artists in the cluster to give youth an opportunity to participate in artistic production. Read more about D.I.T.

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