Subtopia is a value driven organisation which continually keeps up to date with current developments in all societal issues.

Values and policy

The basic values and policy for renting/borrowing of the spaces, venues and studios at Subtopia, Hågelbyparken, and Lida friluftsgård.

An Open Meeting Place

Hågelbyparken AB/Upplev Botkyrka AB works in accordance with the values put forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These emphasise the equal and inviolable value of all human beings; each human being’s right to a rewarding and valuable life, with opportunities to grow based on their own needs and capacities; gender equality, as well freedom and equality for all humans. Read more about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Any organisations or agencies seeking to have activities (or collaborate with us) on our premises or in our outdoor spaces, collectively referred to as “Spaces” here after, are expected to work from a set of basic democratic values, and respect and endorse basic principles of freedom, equality, gender equality, and everybody’s equal worth. This applies to any arranging organisations or other agencies, as well as any participants in events, meetings, or other gatherings.

In our spaces, we encourage open, tolerant discussions. However, our spaces are not to be used for uncritical promotion and/or endorsement of any obviously unreliable methods or points of view regarding humanity or human society. Nor are organisations that promote the use of violence as a political method, or whose gatherings include illegal activities, welcome.

To Renters and Collaboration Partners

Any organisation whose values are deemed to be compatible with our own basic values based on their official policy documents, activities, or public statements, is welcome to work in our spaces, or collaborate with us.

Colleagues within our organisation may deny rental or collaboration if an organisation’s values are judged to be incompatible with our own basic values. This is to be determined primarily by the management of each separate unit (Hågelbyparken, Lida friluftsgård, or Subtopia), and ultimately by the company board.

If any information should come to light regarding any such incompatibility with our basic values after the time of booking/planning, we are entitled to immediate cancellation of the rental agreement/plan. Any costs arising from such situations are to be paid by the renter/collaborating organisation.

This document is appended to our rental agreements.

Determined by the board of Subtopia/Upplev Botkyrka AB during the board meeting of 13 June 2018.

Cathrine Zander