Cross innovation

What is cross innovation?

Cross innovation is when skills from cultural and creative industries are used within other sectors to contribute to development. There are valuable methods in the creative field which can offer other perspectives and new ways of working when introduced to finance, industry, the public sector or healthcare, for example. This can lead to more innovation, new services, products and ideas that can be used to meet the challenges of the future.

Why do we work cross-sectorally?

We want to help our members work cross-sectorally. Several entrepreneurs in our cultural incubator already work cross-sectorally or have business ideas that orbit the intersections of different sectors. We want to create the conditions for our entrepreneurs to continue developing these business ideas.

We want to give artists access to new markets. Cross-sectoral collaboration is nothing new, but clashes often arise when different work cultures come together. We want to be at the forefront when it comes to developing working conditions for artists, so we want to try to open up more sectors with new customer groups for artists to work with.

We want to make a difference in society. When artists gain access to other sectors, they can add perspectives that make companies change, products improve and society develop. In this way, Sweden can retain its role as one of the world’s most innovative countries. Artists are an untapped resource that can assist in societal development.

cross innovation branschöverskridande samarbete

Our current cross innovation projects

Cross-sectoral pilot study in the Baltic Sea region

Creative Insights as a Service is a cross innovation project in the Baltic Sea region. The project is led by Subtopia in partnership with Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC), Latvia and Fabryka Sztuki, Poland. For two months, two artists will be placed in two different companies in Sweden and Latvia or Poland. You can read more about Creative Insights as a Service here.

Workshops for entrepreneurs from different sectors

Learning Labs Cross Innovation is a project where entrepreneurs from the cultural sector encounter people from other sectors. The participants use workshops to explore an area together. The project is being carried out as a collaboration between Subtopia and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. You can read more about Learning Labs Cross Innovation here.

Martin Q Larsson