The Stockholm Region's yearly circus festival

CirkusMania is the Stockholm region’s annual circus festival! The festival gathers venues and companies to offer an insane amount of circus, showcasing how exciting, creative and varied contemporary circus is! In 2023, the festival took place February 10-19 at around 30 of Stockholm’s venues in 13 municipalities. In 2024, the festival take place February 9-18. Read more at

The purpose of CirkusMania

Subtopia initiated CirkusMania and continues to coordinate the festival, as well as overseeing a unified marketing effort. The goal of the festival is to create a broad interest and curiosity for contemporary circus in new as well as established audiences, which is done through an extensive collaboration between parties throughout the Stockholm region. As a whole, the aim is to show that circus is an art form taking on many different expressions across a variety of genres. The target audience is broad, all ages included – ideally there should be “something for everyone” in the program. An additional benefit is that the festival helps create new relationships and collaborations between organisers and artists, allowing for a joint effort in growing the art form. Read more about Subtopia’s work promoting circus.

Previous festivals

In February 2019, Subtopia proudly presented the first edition of the festival. In its second edition in February 2020, audiences across Stockholm, from the north to the inner city and the south, got to experience a diverse representation of circus. Stages and culture houses from Alby to Täby and beyond presented 65 separate occasions to experience circus on 23 different stages across 11 municipalities. There was truly something for all ages and preferences. You can read more about CirkusMania 2020 here. The following year, 2021, the festival was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic but in 2022 we continued where we left of with a full program all over the Stockholm region.