Manegen - A centre for circus, vaudeville, and street performance

About Manegen

Manegen is an initiative put together by independent performers to create a lobbying platform that also serves as a meeting point for everyone working professionally in circus, vaudeville and street performance. Manegen wishes to create better working conditions, a stronger market, and a shared breeding ground for success.

Manegen’s mission is to harness the energies and curiosity of circus, vaudeville and street performers. The vision is to, through common initiatives and projects/activities, spread these performing arts domains to new groups of performers and spectators, increase media coverage, foster collaboration and, not least, to harness the potential inherent in Sweden’s freelancers and other free agent performers. The idea is to improve the situation of artists and performers by making it possible for small players to professionalise their operations. Manegen wants to lend new meaning to the terms “circus, vaudeville and street performance” as understood by the general public in Sweden, while simultaneously establishing these forms of art and entertainment on the national cultural agenda.

Daily training

Cirkushallen (Cirkus Cirkör) Rotemannavägen 22 in Alby Botkyrka

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 12:30-16:30

Wednesday 10:00-14:00

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Rotemannavägen 22, 145 57 Norsborg