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Klump invites you to a breakfast on Kreatörslånet, The Creator's Loan, launched by Marginalen Bank. The breakfast is free of charge. 28 January, 09:04 - 10:34

Klump Breakfast: The Creator’s Loan

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Klump Breakfast about The Creator’s Loan

We invite you to a breakfast covering Kreatörslånet, The Creator’s Loan, launched by Marginalen Bank. It is a new loan option available for commercial enterprises in the cultural and creative sectors. With The Creator’s Loan, people who have a company can borrow from SEK 100,000 to SEK 1,000,000 to develop their business or finance a project within the cultural and creative industries. Read more here.

Gabriel Karlberg and Peter Malmgren from Marginalen Bank present the new loan option and explain the loan terms and how to apply. The meeting is also an excellent opportunity to ask your questions about the loan directly to Gabriel and Peter.

As usual, the lecture is served together with breakfast and first-class networks in cultural and social entrepreneurship.

Time & Location

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Kl. 9:04 to 10:34
Kingdom of Heaven, Plan 3, Subtopia


Klump Breakfast is free of charge but you need to register by 24 January at 16:59 to klump@subtopia.se.
Tell us about any dietary restrictions, and if you want to bring a guest.

Read more about Subtopia’s incubator for culture and the creative industries: Klump.

Venue information

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