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Circus for the entire family! October 1

Breaking Point – Playful circus

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Can you walk on a rope made of toilet paper? What if the paper starts to burn? Weibel Weibel Company invites you to a playful performance.

Breaking Point is a fun circus show about testing the breaking point. Alexander Weibel Weibel balances on impossible materials and the audience is invited to build the props. What expectations do we have on everyday objects? Breaking Point explores the tension that arises when you break these.

– I try to use completely ordinary materials that the audience is familiar with. Since everyone knows the objects, there are also expectations about its limitations. Everyone knows what paper is, what you can do with paper… and what you can’t do, says Alexander Weibel Weibel, artist and director of the performance.

Making the usual unusual

Breaking Point premiered in 2015 and has been played over 100 times in countries such as Latvia, Germany and Great Britain. The Swedish-based Weibel Weibel Company was founded by the Spanish-American circus artist Alexander Weibel Weibel who works together with the Finnish circus and music artist Aino Ihanainen. Together they make the usual unusual.

– Circus arts are often performed several meters up in the air, it’s dangerous and that is exciting. I want to turn that around. The rope I’m walking on is only 10 cm from the floor but it’s still exciting! How long does a weak line last before it breaks? The unpredictable is unpleasant and I play with that!

Information Breaking Point

Time & date:
October 1 13:00-14:00
1 oktober 16:00-17:00

Location: Loftet. Plan 5 in Subtopias main building. Rotemannavägen 26, Alby.
Recommended age: 7 and up
Duration: 55 min
Ticket price: FREE! Please book your free tickets here.
Language: Swedish

With support from Region Stockholm

Saturday October 1, 2022
Saturday October 1, 2022

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