Burnt Out Punks

Think fire, brutal humour and dangerous tricks to rhythmical music.

About Burnt out punks

Burnt Out Punks is Europe’s largest pyrotechnic fire circus. A unique mix of circus, pyrotechnics, fire, madness and humor has put Burnt Out Punks on the circus map.

Since its founding in 1999, the company has delivered over twenty own productions and thousands of events. As one of the founders of new circus in Sweden, Burnt Out Punks has helped shape the modern circus. Through co-productions and supporting the younger generation, we work to develop the circus with creativity as the focus.

Since 2008, our base has been in Subtopia, where we are housed in the smaller of the two hangars down by Albysjön. In addition to circus productions and events, Burnt Out Punks also works with rigging expertise, pyrotechnics and stage art design. The punk hangar is also a venue that is rented out for everything from events to residency activities.

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Albyvägen 37, 145 57 Norsborg