Circus Village 7 Vagnar

The name Circus Village 7 Vagnar is exactly what it sounds like in Swedish; a circus village with seven wagons.

About Circus village 7 vagnar

7 Vagnar is the first Swedish Circus Village, situated by the old 4-H-area in Alhagen in Alby, close to Subtopia. The name 7Vagnar is Swedish and comes from that we are a circus village with six wagons and one house. 13 artists from different countries are based here and we host many artists from all around the world visiting, working, creating and making auditions in Botkyrka and Stockholm, thus making it an important cluster for circus in Northern Europe.

Sweden’s first circus village was built in conjunction with the Year of the Circus in Botkyrka in 2008.

“It’s amazing and so much fun to see the way it has transformed into a real circus village,” says Erik Rosales, one of the minds behind the project.

The artists in the house work in various projects in Alby and around the world. This Circus Village is not just a base, it’s a place for exchanging ideas, experience and supporting and inspiring each other. We also do and have done projects together.