Online education in leadership

The Team Generator is a training program for micro businesses.

Training in cooperation and leadership for entrepreneurs

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When you’re self-employed you constantly cooperate with others, customers as well as partners. These relationships have to work in order to be a successful entrepreneur. With the help of knowledge about cooperation and leadership you can understand better how the customer thinks, how to give feedback, and what you can do to prevent conflicts.

The Team Generator is an online training program for micro businesses. What makes The Team Generator unique is that participants are given the opportunity for close cooperations with business owners in other fields. Learn more about leadership and cooperation, meet other entrepreneurs and lift your business to a new level!

Goals with the training program

After finishing the education, you will have:

  • Tools for how to lead a group
  • Requirements to create stronger relationships with your customers
  • Implements for good conflict management
  • A network of entrepreneurs in different fields
  • Knowledge of how to give and receive feedback
  • Skills for effective cooperations

Who can get this program?

Micro businesses (0-4 employees) in all fields, with their business located to the Stockholm region. You need a registered Ltd Company, sole trader or an equivalent. We like to see participants with different professional background. The education is suitable for any new entrepreneurs and for those who have an established business they want to develope.

Any previous knowledge required?

No previous knowledge necessary.

Setup for the training program

Lectures are alternated with discussion and practical exercises in smaller groups. Here you will be given the opportunity to share entrepreneurial experiences with other business owners. Participants are placed in a team with entrepreneurs from different fields. Together you will get the opportunity to share knowledge, skills and experiences. Before every session your team will be given a task to solve.

The whole education is held online via Zoom. It is mandatory that you can participate all sessions.

The contents of The Team Generator

Cooperation and leadership
What are the challenges of leadership? How can we understand the purpose, goals and identity of groups? In the first session you will be given an introduction to sustainable leadership and the foundations of cooperation.

How can we understand individuals’ behavior and what is the best way to troubleshoot? In this session you will get an introduction to behavioral analysis, the psychology of learning and systematic troubleshooting.

Behavioral culture and feedback
How can we work with feedback in a constructive manner? In this session you will learn the basics of group behavioral culture, active listening and not least: The art of giving and receiving feedback.

Drive and influence
What is necessary so that everyone in a group will have the opportunity to do a good job? In this session you will learn how to create the best chances for the individual, for example through empowered self-leadership.

Group development
What can we learn from the education’s work with group development? In the last session we explore how the teamwork has developed during the education.


The Team Generator is completely free of charge.
(Market value for this education is 17 000 SEK)

The Team Generator is financed by Tillväxtverket, Subtopia and Lucida through EU:s structural funds.

Practical information

Place: Zoom
Dates: 7th March, 21th March, 4th April, 18th April, 2nd May
Sessions: 5 sessions. Additionally, the teams will also have 5 sessions by themselves.
Application: Registration closed.


Erik Allard is an organization consultant and runs the company Lucida that among other things give courses in leadership, stress management and meeting efficiency.


Martin Q Larsson
Martin Q Larsson
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