Looking for production space?

Looking for a studio in Stockholm? We have professional studios, rehearsal, or concert spaces just for your need.

Looking For a Studio in Stockholm? We Have What You’re Looking For.

It’s time to get back to work. Looking for professional studio, rehearsal, or concert space near Stockholm, Sweden?

Subtopia has everything you need. Looking for a larger space, maybe with a quiet, gated area? Our 2150 square meter studio, Hangaren, with its gated area and substantial backstage space will fit most productions. Or maybe you need a smaller studio, we have that too (scroll down). Our spaces work well for television and film productions, larger show rehearsals, as concert spaces, or something similar. Subtopia hosts the production of large tv-shows and major show rehearsals for the stars, and our team is always hard at work to provide the best service money can buy.

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2 150 sqm

A Flexible Arena, Stage, Production Space, and Studio in Stockholm

Hangaren is a 2150 square meters open space, beautifully situated by Alby lake in Botkyrka, Stockholm County. This multipurpose space can be used in its full size or divided in to smaller units. Which of course provides ample opportunity for flexible solutions. Do you need office space and dressing rooms, or a backstage area? No problem. We have everything you need for the complete production environment.

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Studio 3

388 sqm

A great space for rehearsals, commercials, film & much more

This studio with its 388 square meters of space is made for both television and advertising shoots. Also excellent for photo shoots and smaller production rehearsals. The space has also been used as a set design workshop. Not sure if it will work for you? Call us, and we’ll talk it over.

Watch this short video from a photo shoot done in 2019.

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300 sqm

A studio with character for music videos, commercials and TV features

Studio, for rehearsals, concerts and conferences – Loftet (the Loft) can be used for a lot. The room was once just a hayloft, which gives it its unique character with vaulted ceilings, wooden floors and pillars along the walls.

The video is an example of a music video recorded in Loftet.

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We would love to help you as quickly and easily as possible. In order for us to do so, it is good to be clear in defining how you want your event to look and run from start to finish.