Learning Labs Cross Innovation

Learning Labs Cross Innovation is about applying tools from the creative sector to other business sectors.

Learning Labs Cross Innovation

New ideas are needed to meet the challenges of the future. By allowing entrepreneurs from the cultural sector to meet people from other sectors, a potential for innovation and new ways of working is born.

What is Learning Labs Cross Innovation?

Learning Labs Cross Innovation is a project where methods from the cultural sector are used in other industries to contribute to development. In the creative field, there are valuable methods that in the meeting with e.g. finance, industry, the public sector or healthcare can achieve cross-fertilization, contribute with different perspectives and create innovation. Learning Labs means that participants explore an area together through workshops and team work.

What is Cross Innovation?

In a series of 3 workshops Cross Innovation Learning Lab aims to:

  • Introduce the concept of Cross Innovation
  • Explore the role of creatives in Cross Innovation
  • Stimulate a cross-sector collaboration between creatives and other businesses
  • Develop skills and knowledge necessary for successful Cross-Innovation partnerships

Cross Innovation is a collaborative and user-driven innovation that happens across sectoral, organizational, technological and geographic boundaries. This process transfers approaches from other branches to one’s own field of business thus creating something new – solution, service, product, process or other. Participants benefit from unusual constellations and innovative collaboration.

Martin Q Larsson
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