Klump Breakfast on the Other Side of the Earth!

At the Klump Breakfast June 4th you will learn about The Stockholm Portal and experience a real-time meeting with someone from the other side of the world!

Klump Breakfast on the Other Side of the Earth!

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The Stockholm Portal <3 Klump Breakfast

Welcome to a Klump Breakfast with a global theme. Sanaz Habibi from Shared Studios is going to tell us about their 40 portals worldwide. In these portals, people from all over the world can meet in real time using audiovisual technology. And right now we have one of these portals at Subtopia! So after the lecture you will have the opportunity to meet people in another part of the world. IT has yet to be set which other portal we will connect to – more info is to follow!

The Klump Breakfast takes place Tuesday June 4th at 9.02 am – 10.32 am, in Himmelriket, 3rd floor, Subtopia.
The visit to the portal will be at 11 am local time.

As usual, we will be serving breakfast, coffee, and first-rate networks within the arts and creative industries. Register no later than Monday 27th May 11.59pm at klump@subtopia.se.

As we witness the diversity of human experience, our lives become richer, deeper, and deeper.


Read more about Shared Studios.

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