Short film and international audience engagement strategies
Klump wraps up the end of the year by inviting Marie Proffit and Johannes Palmroos for a short film screening and a presentation.


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Klump-afton, Short film and international audience engagement strategies

Marie Proffit is a freelance Cultural Manager working at the intersection of arts, creativity and innovation. She has 10 years of experience in developing and delivering international and European projects across disciplines, with a focus on digital arts, dance and theatre. She will will share with you audience engagement strategies for international projects.

Johannes Palmroos is a Swedish film producer, producing feature films, shorts and documentaries with focus on international co-productions with Nordic, Asian, German and French partners who share the vision to produce transgressive cinema and audiovisual experiences for a global audience. Since 2014 Palmroos Produktion has produced an array of visually arresting commercials, short films and music videos.

He will show us parts of the documentary Kobbar (2017), directed by the Chinese film director Zhou Yan, a documentary about old and new art projects in the Kumla prison in Sweden. The stories of the inmates are mixed with animations and interviews with artists and prison officers.

Thereto, Klump wants to celebrate our favourite pagan tradition, and proffer a selection of Christmas inspired finger food and drinks, as well as first class network in cultural and creative business and social innovation.
To register, send an email to klump@subtopia.se  by December 11 and also announce if you bring a guest, and if you have any special food requirements or allergies.

Extremely welcome!