Aid for Small Businesses

Subtopia's incubator Klump is part of Botkyrka municipality's relief package for the local business community. The self-employed and small companies with up to four employees receive free advice and coaching on how to survive the economic downturn.
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Aid for Small Businesses

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Aid for small businesses

The economic situation at the moment is tough, not least for small businesses. Subtopia’s incubator Klump is temporarily reorganizing and expanding its mission to help Botkyrka’s self-employed and small businesses as a part of Botkyrka municipality’s relief package for the local business community. Since Klump has a good knowledge of the self-employed and small businesses, we can provide support where it is needed!

These Small Businesses Can Receive Support From Klump

If you are self-employed or a small business in Botkyrka with a maximum of four employees, you can get free advice and coaching at Klump. Send an email to and we will get back to you with a time for a digital meeting or a telephone conference.

We Can Provide Help With This

Aid provided by the government – Short-term lay-offs, dormant companies, reduced rent, reduced employers’ fees or deferred taxes? We help you find out more about the different measures and which is best for your business.

Savings and new revenue – Coaching session focusing on how you can change your current situation to become more sustainable in the short as well as the long term.

You can also read about state relief measures at

Read more about Subtopia’s incubator Klump.

More Aid for Companies in Botkyrka

Just like Klump, the Entrepreneurship Center in Botkyrka provides free support for companies with 0 – 4 employees. Here you can read more about it and book a time: (Swedish).

If you have a company with 5 – 50 employees, you can contact Tillväxt Botkyrka. With them you can book advice free of charge and also get personal aid for dismissed staff: (Swedish).


Martin Q Larsson
Martin Q Larsson
Incubator Manager Katapult