A membership based woodworking workshop for those who want to explore woodwork.

Formlabbet is a membership based woodworking workshop for amateur carpenters needing a place to work on their hobby of exploring and experimenting with woodwork. Having access to the space and the proper machines in a safe environment makes it easier having woodworking as a hobby.

With different memberships for different needs. The woodworking workshop has a set of machines including table saw, band saw, mitre saw, jointer and lathe, and they provide the option of buying your materials on location.

“In 2020, I started building my own furniture and was struck by how fun it is and how good it feels to create with wood. That is why I decided to start my own carpentry where everyone can become a member.

Joakim Appelqvist, grundare Formlabbet.

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Interview in Swedish with the founder of Formlabbet, Joakim Appelqvist

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