Dream on

A new film about loyalty and friendship is shoot in Alby. Subtopia met with the director Rojda Sekersöz.
Photo Katarina Ståhl

– The film is about Mirja who comes out of her first imprisonment and decides to break lose from her past and try to change her life. She is forced to choose between being loyal towards her sick mum and sister or her friends who has been like a family to her. It is a coming of age film about grown up women.

It is a warm summer day and I’m talking to the film director and poet Rojda Sekersöz outside the temporary production office in Subtopia. She tells me about the film “Dröm vidare” (Dream on) that she, the script writer Johanna Emanuelsson and the two film producers Agneta Fagerström-Olsson and Annika Hellström from 2afilm, has develop together:

First day of filming in Alby. Photo Katarina Ståhl

–  We knew we wanted to work together and we had an idea about doing a project about sisterhood, so we developed this story and these characters. It is a film about friendship, loyalty and identity with lots of drama and also much humour.

They just started filming in Alby. It was obvious from the very beginning that Botkyrka was going to be the setting for this story, several in the production team had a connection to this area and Rojda partly grew up here. Rojda explains why it became Alby:

–  I believe it is really beautiful here in Alby with the nature against the concrete houses and there are so many colourful places here. The aesthetics is an important part of the storytelling in this film and we choose Alby because it best suited our vision.

Subtopia is not new to Rojda. Ever since she was 16 she have had contact with Filmbasen, an association working with the up and coming in the film industry in the bigger Stockholm area. This film project also got support from a Filmbasen related program called STHLM Debut.

“Dröm vidare” (Dream on) will premier in cinemas during 2017.