Want to be a star behind the stage?

5 questions for Cesar Fulgencio, about the course SSF Backstage, which is about to start for the ninth year in a row.

From the performance Kirchenstrasse with Scenskolan Fejm. Photo Cesar Fulgencio

Those in the spotlight are not alone in creating a stage performance. We had a talk with D.I.T. Subtopia’s executive manager Cesar Fulgencio who, in collaboration with Scenskolan Fejm, runs the course SSF Backstage.

What is the definition of “backstage”?

– It includes all the work that goes on behind the stage except administrative work. In other words costume, make-up, sound, light and scenography.

What’s the best thing about working backstage?

– When you make up a scenography, maybe a landscape, which will appear on stage. Then of course you can have different ways of realizing your idea. It is a lot of fun and a challenge for your creativity to find solutions and to turn your ideas into reality.

What does the course include?

– It takes place once per week and the participants can choose if they want to stick to one topic or try different lines of work, such as sound, light and scenography. Right now we don’t teach make-up and costume. During the course you learn the foundation of sound and light technique and how to build a scenography from scratch. Then at the end of the semester the participants get to be part of a production.

What kind of productions have you made within the course?

– We have built, as well as contributed with light and sound to Scenskolan Fejm’s shows. Recently we worked at their 30 year anniversary which took place in Hangaren Subtopia this spring. We’ve also worked for a bit on some missions such as Cirkusprinsessan at Gärdet in Stockholm some years ago.

Who can join?

– Anyone who is interested and it doesn’t cost anything!

There are still spots left for both the SSF Backstage course and for Scenskolan Fejm’s dancing, singing and theater courses. Det finns platser kvar både på SSF Backstage-kursen och på Scenskolan Fejms dans-, sång- och teaterkurser. Applications for SFF Backstage can be sent directly to  Cesar Fulgencio at  cesar.fulgencio@subtopia.se  or  via Scenskolan Fejm’s website  www.scenskolanfejm.se, where you can apply for their other courses as well.