Cirkus Cirkör

Well established Cirkus Cirkör does not only perform nationally and internationally - they also conduct pedagogical work from preschool to upper secondary school.

About Cirkus Cirkör

Cirkus Cirkör is a politically independent non-profit association that was started in 1995 with the goal of establishing contemporary circus art in Sweden, artistically and educationally, as well as putting Sweden on the new circus world map.

Cirkus Cirkör’s operations include performances on tour in Sweden and the world, courses and educational programs for young people, adults and the elderly with or without disabilities, high school programs in contemporary circuses as well as events for companies and organizations. Cirkus Cirkör also runs Cirkör LAB – a creative development environment for artists and creators from all over the world.

Our keywords are solidary individualism, qualitative madness and enthusiastic commitment.

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Rotemannavägen 22, 145 57 Norsborg