Tombola - cirkusvarieté

Subtopia invites you to an all-star circus show with live music! Bring your grandma, bring your friends, bring the kids, bring the whole family. December 27-30 at Subtopia.

The Circus Variety Tombola!

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Are you vaccinated? We require vaccination certificates for visitors 18 years and older. Bring proof of identity. Vaccination certificates can be downloaded from Please arrive well in advance of the show to avoid queuing. Visitors aged 15-18 must be able to provide proof of their age.

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The Circus Variety Tombola!

Welcome to a joyous occasion, with the circus variety Tombola! Here is a celebration of life in all its beautiful randomness! As normality now slowly is beginning to return (though we’re all holding our breath and taking the proper precautions), Subtopia invites you to an all-star circus show with live music! Bring your grandma, bring your friends, bring the kids, bring the whole family.

How much can you really have under control in life? And how much is just really pure luck? But instead of fearing uncertainty, why not embrace it instead? And why not celebrate it in a show full of jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics, memory games, juggling, balancing acts, and much much more? Fill in the breaks between acts with challenges and games for the audience and voila! The result is a non-stop spectacle of joy and wonder. In short, welcome to circus variety at its best!

The artists

Presenting, on stage – and sometimes in the middle of the audience – the whip-brandishing Angela Wand, our game master and show host. If Angela can’t catch your attention with her sharp wit, she definitely will with the crack of her whip!

Peter Åberg, is the energetic and talkative multi-artist from far north of Sweden, Norrland, who mixes juggling, Rubik’s cube and memory techniques into a supreme blend of entertaining nerdiness.

Sarah “The Fastest Spin in the West” Lett, has traveled all the way from Montreal, Canada, to join this all-star team with her unique cyr wheel and aerial acrobatic work!

Perhaps it was Nikolas Pulka’s childhood climbing in the jungle that paved the way for this athletic rascal who, with a twinkle in his eye, flies through the air and excels in straps.

And the music! The music of Nandi Lee will stop the clocks, cancel the trains at the station, and flip the letters of every book nearby. Let her take you on a musical ride you will not soon forget. It’s a one way ticket… No return!

And last but certainly not least, director Alexander Weibel Weibel! A Spanish guy whose life is a tombola. He is here, ready to play, ready to take his chance. With everything from violin to engineering, circus to sailing, Weibel is always on the move, always curious, and now he has come to navigate the creation of this wonderful and exciting show!


Ticket price: Regular SEK 350 and children / students / pensioners SEK 250.
Special Offer: Buy at least 3 regular-price tickets and get a SEK 50 discount per ticket. Discount code: jul50.

The performance is 60 min.
Recommended from 7 years due to the length of the show.
Foyer with bar and café opens 60 minutes before the start of the show.
The café in Hangaren’s foyer is run by Sizzle and offers simple hot meals, sandwiches as well as drinks and coffee from Sweden and all corners of the world. Sizzle is a food company whose purpose is to contribute to a socially sustainable society by celebrating and promoting the diversity of world’s food and in Swedish society. Their catering kitchen’s daily operations are run from Gula Villan – a minute’s walk from Hangaren. Come to the show a little earlier and tag along with a little Sizzle!

Monday December 27, 2021
Tuesday December 28, 2021
Wednesday December 29, 2021
Thursday December 30, 2021
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