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Why is it necessary for creative industries to work across sectoral borders?

A cross-sectoral production centre for creative industries

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During Stockholm Creative Tech Week Subtopia will present a panel at A House Ark on the subject of cross-sectoral areans. Why is it necessary for creative industries to work across sectoral borders? Based on two of Subtopia’s development projects, a clown, an HR consultant, a nuclear physicist and a collaboration coordinator will discuss how needs in different industries can be met by looking beyond their own sphere, and how skills and methods used in creative industries can develop other sectors of society.

In their new business strategy, the Stockholm Region calls for regional cross-sectoral development arenas and test beds, where industries can meet and develop in new forms, in new directions. Subtopia is a production centre for artistic, creative and social industries where cross-sectoral work has been one of the success factors. During the pandemic, Subtopia has launched two development projects in this direction: Team Generator and Learning Labs Cross Innovation, LLCI.

Learning Labs Cross Innovation

Learning Labs Cross Innovation (LLCI) is a project where methods from the creative sector are used in other industries – e.g. finance, industry, the public sector or healthcare – to achieve cross-fertilization, contribute with different perspectives, and create innovation. 

The Team Generator

The Team Generator in English is a tool for collaboration between micro enterprises (0-4 employees). Its purpose is to help effective collaboration across industry boundaries with the aim of increasing competitiveness and innovation for the parties involved.

Panel Participants

Martin Q Larsson is manager for Subtopia’s creative incubator Klump, a workspace for innovation and ideas in the cultural, social, and creative industries. He is President of creARTive, the national organization for creative incubators, and of the Nordic/Baltic network Portobello People.

Erik Allard is a leadership- and group development consultant, teaching skills that form the basis for sustainable social interaction. In Teamgeneratorn Erik is responsible for educating the participants for effective cooperation, as well as supporting them in the team building process.

Emilie Lidgard works with external collaboration and innovation at KMH and has a background from the theatre as a teacher and producer.

Virginia Librado Gallego is a professional clown, and inventor of ClownFi: The first digital and physical platform to expand the clown technique in Sweden. A boiling pot of projects around clowning in all its shapes and for all audiences.

Thomas Arctaedius, professor entrepreneurship at KMH, teaches artistic entrepreneurship and works with social entrepreneurship in EU projects. He is chairman of music tech company Doremir, advisor to Konstnärsnämnden on new models of financing for art projects and has PhD in nuclear physics and entrepreneurship.

Tuesday November 30, 2021
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Martin Q Larsson
Martin Q Larsson
Incubator Manager Katapult
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