Sinfonia Volante

A beautiful and exuberant performance where classical music and aerial acrobatics meet in symbiosis.

Sinfonia Volante, circus performance with wall acrobats and flying musicians

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A circus performance takes place high above the audience heads. Playfully acrobats and musicians make the air their stage. Weightlessly they float to the tune of classical music.

Sinfonia Volante is a beautiful and exuberant performance where classical music and aerial acrobatics meet in symbiosis. The performance takes place on a 12 meter high metal rig which the acrobats tackle with impressive skill. Even the musicians hang in the rigging and play. Here, music and circus interact in an alternately wild, alternately devout performance.

– Sometimes you get overwhelmed when you look at an ocean or a mountain, says Magali Bancel, who is the director of the show. The world is so big and you yourself are so small! In all the monumental, you can still feel a sense of belonging. That’s what we want the audience to experience! Something huge is presented to them and they get to feel that they are part of something bigger.

In concert 12 meters up in the air

The performance premiered in September 2022 and is created in collaboration between the circus company Cirk-L and musicians from the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. The musical influences are noticeable not least in the show’s title. Sinfonia Volante is Italian and means flying symphony and here music and acrobatics have been created together.
The newly written music has been created based on the acrobatics, explains Magali. They have started from the pendulum that controls the movements of the acrobats and composed accordingly.

– It feels very natural to experiment with circus and music. Music is often played in the background of what is presented on stage. Here, instead, we want the musicians to be physically present, for the music to be physical.

More about the event

Address: The performance is played at Hangaren in Alby (Albyvägen 38)
Recommended age: From 7 years
Duration: 45 minutes
Ticket price: SEK 200 for regular. SEK 150 for reduced price.
Ticket questions: Phone hours click here.

The short film Foundry of Dreams by Aino Ihanainen & Alexander Weibel Weibel is shown in the foyer before and after the performance. The film is produced by JONK! Performing arts.

Team Sinfonia Volante

Idea and concept: Mattias Lindström and Magali Bancel
Director: Magali Bancel
Construction and creative rigging: Mattias Lindström
Circus artists: Elsa Näslund, Emelie Sandberg, Anna Gehlin, Mira Leonard, Mattias Lindström
Musicians: Martin Orraryd (percussion), Delphine Constantin-Reznik (harp) and Johan Wiklund (trombone) from Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Composer: Martin Orraryd, Johan Wiklund, Delphine Constantin-Reznik
The performance also features Impromptu op 86 by Gabriel Fauré.

Lighting design: Anna Tubiana
Sound design: Lars Bomanson and Anders Bagler
Rigger: Peter Hjelmqvist
Costume design: Magnus Möllerstedt

Co produced by Cirk-L, NyCirkus Öst, Östgötateatern, Norrköpings Symfoniorkester
Supported by Region Östergötland, Norrköpings Kommun- Fenix Fonden, Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden

Thursday December 29, 2022
Friday December 30, 2022
Friday January 6, 2023
Saturday January 7, 2023

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