Klump Breakfast

This is the Klump Breakfast that will give you a good rep! Meet Merja Metell, expert in reputation and crisis management. Photo: Alex Rodallec

Klump Breakfast

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Time for the first Klump breakfast of the season! Come and meet Merja Metell, an expert in Reputation Management. She will teach us about how to work to build and maintain a strong reputation with target groups. How your business is perceived means everything. Without a good reputation with your target group, your business goals will be impossible to reach. Merja Metell will also provide advice on how to work with your reputation in the event of a crisis.

As usual, the lecture is served together with breakfast and first-class networks in cultural and social entrepreneurship.

When, Where, and How?
Date: September 12.
Time: 09:04 – 10:34.
Location: Paradise, Level 3, Subtopia.
Register for the event no later than 10 September at 11:59 pm to klump@subtopia.se.
Please let us know about any dietary restrictions, and if you want to bring a guest.
The breakfast and lecture are free of charge.

Merja Metell Soumalainen.

Merja Metell Suomalainen is a Senior Advisor at Comma, a public relations agency focused on Reputation Management. Merja specializes in branding and crisis management. She has extensive experience as a journalist, program manager and editor at Swedish Radio and Swedish Television, and has previously also worked at the Government Offices.

Klump is Subtopia’s incubator for cultural and social entrepreneurs.

Comma, is a reputation management agency.

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