Klump Breakfast on Artistic Research

Networking breakfast lecture on artistic research at Subtopia's cultural incubator Klump. Guest lecturer is Anna Lindal.

Klump Breakfast on Artistic Research

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What is Artistic Research?

Research “in or for” something instead of “about” something? There is no simple answer to what artistic research is. Hear about some different methods and their origins both in Sweden and internationally, and a discussion on artistic research from several perspectives. Anna Lindal, violinist and former head of the Opera University, shows how fruitful it can be with cross-artistic studies and tells us about her own research in such projects and in music. 

As always the lecture will be served together with breakfast and a first-class network in cultural and social entrepreneurship.

When & Where?

October 15th
Loftet, 5th floor, Subtopia
Register yy 11 October at 17:59 to klump@subtopia.se
Tell us about any dietary restrictions, and if you want to bring a guest

About Anna Lindal
Anna Lindal is one of Sweden’s foremost violinists, and plays in a wide range of ensembles, of which she has founded several. She has been deputy Vice Chancellor of the Royal Academy of Music and was the Dean of the Faculty of Art at the University of Gothenburg from 2008 to 2012, as well as responsible for the Opera University at Stockholm University College of Art. Currently she works as a freelance musician. 
Read more at www.annalindal.se.

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