The exhibition #kidsart shows the best of two years worth of creation at the preschool Ringblomman. The works are made by children 1-6 years old. Showing until May 14 in the Subtopia indoor gallery.


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Aesthetics and creativity are central at the preschool Ringblomman in northern Botkyrka. Now, the best work from the last two years’ exploration of various artistic materials is being showed at Subtopia’s indoor gallery in the exhibition #kidsart.

Many of the pieces in #kidsart are collaborations between the children, but also between them and the preschool staff. All along it has been very important that everyone get an opportunity to participate at their own level and be part of the exhibition. In line with that, all the kids contributed to the largest piece, a great amazing entanglement of beads.

Some samples from #kidsart

About Ringblomman

At Ringblomman the children develop and learn things by working aesthetically, while also including subjects such as mathematics and other natural sciences in the creative process. Great emphasis is placed on the preschool’s different environments and there are several studios, for painting, wood, digital art, and botany, for example.