Human in balance

With Human in Balance , Don Gnu shifts the focus back to human encounters in a Europe increasingly concerned with states and their politics. Drama meets humor, and singing meets dance and circus in an acrobatic dance theatre piece with a big balancing board as stage.

Human in balance

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Don Gnu (dk) – Human in balance

Europe is balanced precariously, and we watch its tipping points with anxiety. Human relations are being torn apart in the hard polemics of our time. Don Gnu present an attempt at reaching past the hard rhetorics, in a search to find meetings and common ground in an explosive and precarious environment. On the dynamic and violent balance board, Human in Balance becomes a work of human exploration through acrobatic dance theatre.

Through the balancing board universal problems are made apparent, where power and cooperation instantly appear as major themes. Balance or imbalance, equality or inequality comes alive through the movements of actors and dancers over a stage which reacts to their mutual relationships.

Don Gnu is one of Denmark’s most widely touring companies. They work at the cutting edge between dance, circus and physical theater, presenting around 100 performances a year, both nationally and internationally. Performances created for a wide audience, characterized by humor, well-developed characters and live music.

Human in Balance was developed within the framework of Aarhus European Capital of Culture and was nominated for the prestigious Reumert Prize 2017. The show was developed through open rehearsal on a square in Paphos, Cyprus, where the audience was invited to contribute with their thoughts and suggestions.

Ensemble and Production

Performers / Choreography : Petras Lisauskas, Frederik Pors Jakobsen, Evi Karsera, Alexia Nicolaou.

Director / Choreographer : Jannik Elkær

Co-directors / Co-producers : Kristoffer Louis, Andrup Pedersen

With support from the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, Pafos 2017, Aarhus City, the State Art Foundation (Denmark), the Augustine Foundation and Bora Bora.

The piece is part of CirkusMania, Stockholm’s new circus festival, which will run February 11-16, 2019, on stages around the Stockholm region. For information and complete programs: