A work in progress presentation with Vejde Grind & Vincent Bruyninckx as a part of the circus festival CirkusMania. 16 Februari 14:30 at Subtopia


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H O M A N – work in progress showing as a part of CirkusMania

Two bodies occupy the stage. One of them finds comfort in the past, drowns in nostalgia, and looks back at what has been. The other walks with his head in the future, leans forward, on what has not quite happened yet. Vejde Grind and Vincent Bruyninckx invite the audience to an exploration and a “universe-in-progress”. This atmospherical clash of nostalgia and science fiction comes back in who they are as performers, and becomes essential to this project and its play with seeking sense and reality.

Vejde Grind describes himself as a Swedish caveman, Vincent Bruyninckx as a Belgian-French pomme frite. Together, they share a passion for the absurd and the unknown, and they always look for order in the chaos that they themselves provoke.

Subtopia runs a residency program that offers circus artists the opportunity to rehearse. Often residencies are concluded with an open so-called “work-in-progress presentation”: an exciting meeting with audiences when the show is still in the midst of the creative process.


Vejde Grind, Vincent Bruyninckx

H O M A N work in progress showing is a part of the circus festival CirkusMania. Read more here.

With the support of Circus Next and Creative Europe Programme.