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Fusion Art Vernissage

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20 students in year 9 from the two Alby schools Kvarnhagsskolan and Grindtorpsskolan have created a new mural at Alby torg. After a spring semester’s work, it’s finally time for the vernissage. We invite you to participate in the live stream of the vernissage Friday the 4th of June at 16:00 from Alby torg.

The location of the new mural by Alby torg is known as Astrolabbet after the astrolabe found on site, which has also been the inspiration for the theme of the mural: space.

Together with art educator Cesar Fulgencio from Subtopia’s youth section Do It Together (D.I.T.), the artist Aris Tsartsonis, as well as their art teachers, the students have been able to immerse themselves in urban art. They have participated in workshops at Subtopia’s open wall, learned about different techniques, and created their own parts in the painting. The purpose of the project, in addition to creating a beautiful new mural in the centre, is for students from different schools get to know each other by creating together and being a part in influencing and creating their local public spaces.

Fusion Art

The project is a collaboration between Subtopia, Kvarnhagsskolan, Grindtorpsskolan, nätverksgruppen in Alby, and Botkyrkabyggen. During the opening, the students will show the painting and talk about the project. You will also hear from representatives from the schools, the area group, and Botkyrkabyggen talk about their participation and what the project means to them.

The opening will be streamed on

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Friday June 4, 2021


Cesar Fulgencio
Cesar Fulgencio
Manager Youth Culture - Do It Together