Dear Sweden

During the political week ”Almedalsveckan 2016” Subtopia has invited the Swedish comedian Özz Nûjen and three representatives from Europe to help us take the temperature of Sweden’s self-image. 7 of July at 6 pm, Donnerska huset, Terassen

Dear Sweden

This article has been archived, and is no longer relevant.

What happened to Sweden as a “pioneer country”, has it ever existed? Subtopia’s roast during Almedalsveckan 2016 ”Dear Sweden, you fucked up!” tries to pinpoint “Sweden as it use to be” and the “Sweden of today”. Subtopia invited the Swedish comedian Özz Nûjen and three representatives from Europe to take on the task with acuity, boldness and laughter.

250 years of freedom of speech, everyone’s right to nature and the best country in the world to grow up in. Well done Sweden! But, how come ministers, royalty and ambassadors are actively promoting Swedish arms trade? Health care and the school system, sold for a penny? Lack of housing in the big cities in Sweden, the largest lack in Europe? And the fact that Sweden boasted its “open heart” to refugees but now is closing its borders?

Özz Nûjen

The Swedish stand-up comedian Özz Nûjen will open and moderate the roast. He is know for delivering political punches to both right and left wing parties. During Almedalsveckan 2016 you will see him dissect the Swedish self-image.


Roast panel

Mika Buljevic started the anti-institutional Booksa, an underground book club, today one of Zagreb’s most important meeting places for music, politics, art and literature.

Vitalie Sprinceana is a journalist and urban activist. Through his mild academic ways he succeeds in disclosing dirty scandals, undressing oligarchs and nailing corrupt politicians in Moldavia.

Agnieszka Wiśniewska is an activist, feminist and Polish writer. She is the editor of KrytykaPolityczna, a magazine dedicated to the battle against economic and social exclusion.

This project is implemented by Subtopia and supported by the European Cultural Foundation in the framework of Connected Action for the Commons network and action research program.