Cirkus x 2

Extrêmités och Croûte opens the circus festival CirkusMania.

Extrêmités and Croûte

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Subtopia invites you to the opening of the circus festival CirkusMania by presenting two circus performances at our venue Hangaren. Extrêmités och Croûte are circus performances full of surprises and artists with generous audience contact and slightly twisted sense of humour. Welcome to the opening of CirkusMania!

Programme Cirkus x 2

Friday 10th February
18:00 Foyer with bar and café opens
18:30 Speech
18:35 Croûte
19:00 Pause
19:30 Extrêmités (70 min)

Saturday 11th February
15:00 Foyer with bar and café opens
15:30 Speech
15:35 Croûte
16:00 Pause
16:30 Extrêmités (70 min)

Recommended from 8 years.
Ticket price: Regular SEK 350. Children / students / pensioners SEK 250.
Adress: Subtopias venue Hangaren, Albyvägen 38 in Alby, Botkyrka.


Extrêmités is about physical balance, as well as balance of power, and our mutual dependence of each other. French balance equilibrists take the stage with wonderfully snappy humour. The three artists keep the audience on edge. With a number of gas tubes and a pile of planks, they build constructions that shouldn’t be possible to balance on. The slightest movement and the balance is upset. Nevertheless, they succeed (hopefully during this performance as well). Here the game is total concentration, meticulous cooperation, challenging the other with a twinkle in the eye. With the light push of a board, conditions change and the one who was in perfect balance is suddenly completely in the grip of the other.

Cirque Inextremiste is based in the French Vendée department and has been touring extensively around Europe since 2014.


In Croûte, the French juggler Guillaume Martinet creates a site-specific performance; with body language and balls something abstract is conveyed in interaction with the audience. The company has presented juggling humor in more than 700 performances on five continents. With Croûte, Martinet returns to a minimalist concept to get closer to the audience and communicate his passion: throwing and catching things, joking and exposing contrasts.

Twelve years ago, Guillaume Martinet founded Compagnie DeFracto with the ambition to create expressive, demanding and fun juggling. For over ten years he has toured the world in the company´s hit shows, and is consideder a pioneer in experimental juggling combined with physical comedy.

CirkusMania is Stockholm´s annual circus festival, presenting an insane amount and variety of circus, and showing what a fascinating, lively and dynamic artform circus is today. 36 performances, 32 venues, 13 municipalities – over 100 opportunities to experience a broad panorama of circus all over the Stockholm region. The circus festival was initated by Subtopia 2019 and has been coordinated by Subtopia since then. See the full programme on
Read more about how Subtopia works with CirkusMania.

Team Extrêmités

Artists: Sylvain Briani-Colin, Rémi Lecocq, Rémi Bézacier
Technical manager: Jack Verdier
Scenography: Julien Michenaud, Sébastien Hérouart, Michel Ferandon
Externel view: Stéphane Filloque, François Bedel
Collective creation of Cirque Inextremiste based on an idea by Yann Ecauvre

Team Croûte

Conception: Guillaume Martinet, Dina Roberts, Mathilde Roy
Juggling: Guillaume Martinet
Outside eye: Mathilde Roy
Inside eye: Margot Seigneurie, Dina Roberts
Production managers: Laure Caillat, Anne-Agathe Prin
Production: Defracto Company
Coproductions: La Maison des Jonglages – La Courneuve, L’aube de la création – Chalon dans la Rue
Residencies: Cirqueon – Prague, Les Carmes – La Rochefoucauld, SN de Gap, Cirq’onflex – Dijon
Supported by le département de la Seine Saint Denis

Friday February 10, 2023
Saturday February 11, 2023
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