BitByBit combines the traditional circus technique "Iron Jaw" with a story about the deeply rooted love between two siblings.

BitByBit – circus from Belgium

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Two siblings, connected by each other’s jaws, celebrate brotherhood in a playful, humorous, and physical performance. 

We meet the two brothers in a custom-built wooden structure tent, a contemporary interpretation of the circus venue where the tent has been transformed architecturally. With a steel wire between their jaws, they are inescapably connected. In a playful manner, they explore trust and connection; where do I end and where do you begin? With humor and strength they challenge each other. By their jaws, they lift, carry, and balance one another in mutual reliance, trying to understand who they have become because of each other.

BitByBit combines the traditional circus technique “Iron Jaw” with a story about the deeply rooted love between two siblings. We meet the Belgian circus collective Collectif Malunés, which often operates in the intersection of different artistic expressions. BitByBit is their first production with performance artist Kasper Vandenberghe’s MovedByMatter. The circus artists Simon Bruyninckx and Vincent Bruyninckx grew up and were trained together. Then, bit by bit, they had let each other go, while grieving the loss. BitByBit is the brothers´ reapproachment attempt. 

Information about the performance BitByBit

Recommended age: From 12 years
Duration: 60 min
Ticket price: Ordinary 350 SEK. Reduced 250 SEK.
Language: No spoken language.
Seating: Unnumbered seats on wooden benches.
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Credit list for the performance of BitByBit

  • Concept: Simon Bruyninckx, Vincent Bruyninckx & Kasper Vandenberghe
  • Performance: Simon Bruyninckx & Vincent Bruyninckx
  • Direction: Kasper Vandenberghe
  • Dramaturgy: Matthias Velle
  • Music: Dijf Sanders
  • Costumes: Johanna Trudzinski
  • External Eye: Choreography by Esse Vanderbruggen
  • Light: Olivier Duris & Benjamin Eugène
  • Sound: Anthony Caruana & Sofia Zaïdi
  • Diffusion: Emma Ketels (Je Buro)
  • Co-produced By: Cirklabo/30cc, C – Takt, Miramiro, Kaap, Perplx, Perpodium, Theater Op De Markt – Dommelhof, Workspacebrussels
  • Residencies: Workspacebrussels, Miramiro, Campo, Perplx, Theater Op De Markt – Dommelhof
  • Support: Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Gent, Taxshelter Van De Belgische Federale Overheid, Préfecture De La Région Nouvelle Aquitaine

BitByBit is a part of CirkusMania
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Friday February 9, 2024
Saturday February 10, 2024
Sunday February 11, 2024

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