The Art Work 17 000

February 6-20, the artwork 17 000 will be exhibited in Subtopia. The work is seen during a free private viewing.

Art Work 17 000 at Subtopia

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17 000 was the figure in the media describing how many people would be deported from Sweden to Afghanistan after the refugee wave in 2015. The piece was created by the artist collective Forma and exhibited for the first time at Liljevalch’s spring exhibition 2019.

The work consists of 17 000 unique small works of art mounted in wooden frames. It visualises the number, and more than anything that it is not just a number. Forma wanted to show that behind every number is a personality, a story, a work of art. The piece was subsequently bought by the association 17 000, which itself was created for that specific purpose.
– It became so very clear to us that 17 000 people is a lot of people, says Monika Keiller from the association 17 000.

Book a Free Viewing of the Art Work

From February 6 until February 20, the association 17 000 will exhibit the work at Subtopia. They offer free guided viewings for up to 20 people. To book a viewing, contact Monika Keiller via email or press the pink button to book. Please note that you must pre-book your visit.

The Art Work and The Association 17 000

Monika Keiller, who was a visitor at Liljevalch’s spring exhibition in 2019, was so taken by the work that she started an association together with Bobby Weijmar, an association that would ensure that 17 000 could live on and be shown to others.
– It was as if all the little puppets were talking to me, what an important work of art! I could not leave the room, and many thoughts swirled around in my head. It became so clear that 17 000 people are many people. Everyone has their own talents, dreams, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, worries, says Monika Keiller from the association 17 000.

Read more about the association 17 000.
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