APPLY FOR THIS JOB: Artist consultant Subcase 2017

Subcase is a showcase of contemporary circus produced by Subtopia, annually gathering 150-200 international performing arts professionals for a 4 day program of Nordic circus performances and presentations.

Subcase was established in 2009 and has since then developed its outreach and concept, each year with a stronger interest in the relationship between artist and presenter. We have increasingly asked ourselves questions on how to facilitate a good meeting and dialogue between artists and presenters – a dialogue that can be challenging for both parties, but is crucial considering the challenges we face.

What is the relationship between the artistic and the presenting processes? What is the mutual understanding? We believe that artists and presenters need to share with one another their views on production, audience, costs, financing, visions and dreams. A deeper understanding of our different conditions – and of our shared goals! – is a way to building solid cooperations, as well as being a more potent artistic voice in the world.

At Subcase we have expressed this orientation f.ex in our international feedback program, in the ambition of keeping Subcase intimate, in working from the philosophy that ”The party is where you are”, among other things.

For Subcase 2017 we take a next step into this maze by engaging 3 circus artists as consultants for the shaping of the event. They will committ to attending a number of meetings where their job is to consult Subcase on how to organize the selection process and the event itself. They will not be part of a selection committee and will not have the final word on the program; their task is to suggest and be creative together with the Subcase team, from an understanding of the conditions. Hence they will gain insight in the budget and the production process as well as understanding how decisions are taken. Thereby the artist consultants will have the possibility to influence how their art form is represented at Subcase 2017 and at the same time gain inside knowledge on the conditions of its production.

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Description of the job

The consultants committ to attend 8 meetings, each of 3 hours. The meetings will be scheduled to take place during the weeks below. The exact time and day of the meetings will be decided on together out from our respective schedules.

  • – week 11
  • – week 17
  • – week 21 or 22
  • – week 24 or 25
  • – week 36
  • – week 41
  • – week 45
  • – week 48

The consultants committ to attend minimum 2 days at Subcase 2017.
The consultants commit to giving a public presentation of their experiences from this process at Subcase 2017.


The total amount of work is 8 meetings x 3 hours, plus minimum 2 days of attending the event itself, including giving a presentation. The fee offered for the work is 15 000 SEK invoiced (including all costs and taxes). The fee is calculated according to this formula: 1500 SEK/meeting, 1500 SEK/day at Subcase.

Who can apply for this job?

  • – You are a professional circus artist based in the Nordic countries.
  • – You committ to attend all meetings.
  • – You have attended Subcase at least twice, either as a participant or an observer/audience.
  • – We prefer you to have experienced at least one other international performing arts market (Cinars, Fira Tarrega, APAP,…..)
  • – You can differentiate between your own personal interests and the benefits for the whole of Subcase, and you are ready to openly and prestigelessly discuss both aspects.
  • – You have an interest in influencing the infrastructures of representing your art.
  • – You are solution-oriented and feel excited about the idea of taking part of a creative process together with the Subcase team.

You can apply for this job even if you intend to apply to the artistic program of Subcase 2017, since you will not be part of the selection committee nor have the final word on the program.

In case of an artist consultant being not based in the Stockholm region, Subcase will cover travel costs to attend the meetings.

The aim is to invite a diverse group of artists in terms of age, experience and perspective. The selection of the 3 consultant artists is made by Subtopia.

How to apply

Fill in this form : Google Form
Deadline to apply is 5 March.