Upplev Botkyrka

Three wonderful places for people who want to meet, have a good time, or grow their skills.

Upplev Botkyrka

Subtopia is a part of Upplev Botkyrka AB, a company owned by Botkyrka Municipality. The company also includes Hågelbyparken and Lida friluftsgård.

Upplev Botkyrka AB has a board consisting of 7 members, including a chairman and vice chairman, as well as 7 deputies, all appointed by Botkyrka City Council.

Invoice address

Upplev Botkyrka AB / Hågelbyparken
Kund-id PDC8081
FE 595
105 69 Stockholm

Organization number: 556767-7876


Krister Kalte, CEO

Jenny Magnusson, Chief Financial Officer